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I Can’t Do It All.

autism-motherhoodI’ve always prided myself on being an exceptional multitasker. I love having tons of projects going on at the same time. Even when my life becomes stressful and hectic, there’s nothing better that the feeling of relief and accomplishment when I can check off my To-Do list. I’ve always worked 2 or more jobs and had a side project going on. I just love being able to do it all.

My son and I had a really rough delivery and then everything after that just seemed to get harder and harder. As we struggled through not being able to breastfeed, I tried to cope with the immense guilt of feeding my precious newborn formula. His relentless cries brought us to the doctor and emergency room more times that I can count until finally a doctor recognized he was suffering from reflux, not colic (like we kept being told by multiple previous doctors). We moved twice, I had surgery, my husband was taking nighttime classes, and I started working from home. Our bills were piling up, cars were in desperate need of repairs, and no one was sleeping. As a new family, we were seriously overwhelmed.

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autism spectrum disorder · relationships

Explaining “The Spectrum”

As difficult as it is to gain a clear understanding of the Autism Spectrum when you’re a parent, it’s even harder attempting to explain the term to friends and family. Sometimes it’s thought of as a linear scale. When my son is having one of his “good days”, people have remarked that he doesn’t seem “that” autistic.


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